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The Hunt Family- 1901 to Present
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Richard and Lillian Hunt had 4 Children: Ethel May Hunt (born 7-30-1900 died 3-13-1970), George Velsor Hunt (my grandfather) (born 3-10-1902 died 7-19-1980), Florence Elma Hunt (born 4-27-1904 died January 1993) and Richard Austin Hunt Jr. (born 2-28-1908 died 12-3-2003)

In 1900, the James Austin Hunt household (In Greenwich) consisted of James, Ida and Cora (age 19).  Ida gave birth to a son, Donald W Hunt on March 13, 1901. Sadly, he died on July 4, 1902.

Dewitt C (Dean) Hunt was born on September 26, 1903. On August 6, 1900 Samuel L’Homidieu Hunt married Lucie A Ferris- Ida’s older sister. So father and son were married to sisters, and the father was married to the youngest sister.  Lucie died on April 28, 1905. Samuel married Marion Louise Brown on June 27, 1907. Their first daughter, Dorothy Brown Hunt was born on November 30, 1909.

Cora became an actress and was known by the name Corrine, and was well known around Stamford, Ct. For awhile she and her older sister Mary (Mae) had a vaudeville act known as the Hunt Sisters. Cora married a motion picture operator, Robert Charles Aitkens, and moved to Ottawa, Canada. Cora and Charles had a daughter, Dena Fay, born April 28, 1906. Cora died during childbirth on Feb 4th 1908. Dena was working as a stenographer at the Imperial Oil Co in the 1920s. Her fate after that is not yet known.

Headstone of Lucie Ferris

Here are some pictures of the family and homes of Richard Austin Hunt and Lillian May Velsor:

Florence (Flo) Elma Hunt

George Velsor Hunt Circa 1921

Lillian May Velsor mid 1920s

Richard Lillian, and Eugenia Velsor (Her Mother 1846-1932)

373 Warren St, Brooklyn- Hunt home in 1918

Florence Elma Hunt

Ethel and Flo at Flo's Grade School Graduation, about 1916


In November 1918 Ethel married Austin Ferris Wilson, her first cousin (son of Mary Borden Hunt). This caused quite a controversy in the family. Austin had served with the US Army under General Pershing, and was part of the regiment that chased Pancho Villa into Mexico.

James Austin Hunt left his job at Mcgowan and Slipper in 1919, after 51 years, as they ceased business. He had worked at that firm from it's first day of business till it's last.  He took a job for a short time in the printing shop of the Erie Railroad. In 1919 he accepted a position with the Fairfield Press of Greenwich, CT. He transferred his membership in the Typographers Union to Stamford from New York.

James was a member of the Improved Order of Red Men, Mendota Tribe 89, and the Forresters of America, court Henry Ward Beecher, both of Brooklyn.

Samuel and Marion had 2 more children: Harriet Husted Hunt in 1912 and Marion Estelle Hunt in 1918. They lived in Stamford, where Samuel was advancing into a managerial position at Stamford Gas and Electric.


George Velsor Hunt married Elsie Charlotte Beedle of Dayton, New Jersey in 1922. her parents, David and Estelle (Green) Bedle, were farmers. George bagan a long career on Wall Street as a bond trader. George and Elsie had 2 sons:  Walter Austin Hunt (my Dad) born in 1923 and George Donald Hunt born in 1925.

George Huntand Elsie Bedle

Elsie and her mother with Walter Sept 9, 1923

Elsie Charlotte Bedle

Walter Austin Hunt April 22, 1925

Walter and Donald Hunt

James Austin Hunt died on March 31, 1927 at the age of 81. He is buried at the First Congregational Church in Greenwich CT along with his third wife Ida F Ferris.

Ethel Wilson gave birth to a daughter, Virginia May Wilson on April 20, 1920. During the 1920s, the Wilsons moved to Pasadena, California. Austin was a buyer for a luggage company, and often traveled to New York via train.

In 1930, Mary (Mae) Wilson was living with Austin and Ethel in California. She would later move to Boston and live with her daughter (Mabel) and her husband Harry (Hans) O Worden.


In 1930, the George Hunt family lived in Valley Stream, Nassau NY. According to the 1930 census, their home was valued at $8500 (a pretty substantial sum at that time!)

On June 28, 1930 Florence Elma Hunt married Harold Stewart Kenyon of Manhattan.  The ceremony was at the Protestant Episcopal Church of St Mary the Virgin in Manhattan. They were later divorced and had no children.

Ida Hunt died on June 19, 1932.

Richard Austin Hunt Sr. and Lillian lived at 426 Ridgewood Avenue, Brooklyn in 1930.

Richard Austin Hunt married Mildred Stafford on April 5, 1933.They had 2 sons (Kenneth Robert Hunt born in 1933 and Richard Austin Hunt Jr. born in1935)

426 Ridgewood Ave Brooklyn Home of Richard Hunt

42 Kenmore Gibson (Valley Stream)

A nice picture of Elsie Hunt, late 1930s

Walter Hunt, High School Graduation

Richard Austin Hunt Jr and Mildred Stafford


Walter Austin Hunt attended Ursinus College in Pennsylvania and earned a Chemistry degree. George Donald Hunt served in the Merchant Marines during World War II.

Florence Hunt married Francis Michael Manning on November 22, 1940.  There children are Francis Michael Manning Jr., Richard Dennis Manning, and Lillian Marie Manning

Samuel L’Homidieu Hunt died on January 30, 1941. He is buried at the Woodland Cemetery in Stamford, CT.

Richard and Mildred also had a daughter Margaret Hunt

George Donald Hunt married Carolyn Lee on June 19, 1948. Their children are David Hunt and Donna Hunt

Walter Austin Hunt married Catherine May Chatterton on February 26, 1949

The Hunt brothers celebrated their 66th and 65th wedding anniversaries in 2014.


From here on please refer to the genealogy charts for births (there are so many!)

George Velsor Hunt was elected President of the Security Traders Association of New York in 1953. He was a partner at Mclaughlin, Reuss, & Co. (members NYSE). 

Mary (Mae) Borden Hunt)  lived with the Wordens in Barnstable, Mass. She passed away on July 31, 1957. She is buried in Greenwich at the Sound Beach Cemetery.

Richard Austin Hunt  lived with the Mannings in Livingston, New Jersey. He passed away on March 13, 1958. He is buried at the Huntington Rural Cemetery on Long Island.


Virginia May Wilson  died in San Francisco on April 29, 1965 at the Kennedy Hotel (famed as the Hotel daniels in the movie Bullitt!)

Austin Ferris Wilson  died on August 29, 1967. He is buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale California next to his second wife, Christine.


Elsie Charlotte Bedle July 11, 1901-October 14, 1971. She and George are buried at maple Grove Cemetery, Kew Gardens, Queens, New York (Long Island)

Dewitt (Dean) Hunt September 26, 1903- February 28, 1979. He is buried at the Sound Beach Cemetery in Greenwich

Ethel May Hunt (Wilson) July 30, 1900-March 13, 1970, buried at Huntingon Rural Cemetery, Huntington, NY


George Velsor Hunt March 10, 1902-July 19, 1980. Buried at Maple Grove


Florence Elma Hunt (Manning) April 27, 1904-January 1993, Buried at Huntington Rural Cemetery


Richard Austin Hunt Jr. February 28, 1908-December 3, 2003