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Edmund Lockwood was born in Combs, Suffolk England on September 2, 1574. He immigrated to America (Salem, Mass) in 1630 on the Winthrop fleet and was one of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (MBC) founders. He married Alice Cowper (born 1574) on March 9, 1591. He first settled in Watertown, Massachusetts, then at New Towne (Cambridge.) He is one of the first eightInhabitants of New Towne, became a Freeman in 1631, a Constable of Cambridge in 1631, Constable ofNew Towne in 1632 and was on the finance committee for the Colony. He died March 3, 1665.Robert Lockwood (son of Edmund) was born January 14, 1600 in Combs, Suffolk England. Robert came with his brother Edmund to Salem, Massachusetts in the "Arbella" with Governor Winthrop's fleet in 1630. Robert was a proprietor of Watertown, Massachusetts. In 1636, he was made a Freeman with the right to vote. In 1646 he moved to Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut. Between 1645 and 1652, he was Sergeant of Fairfield County, Connecticut Regiment. Robert served as Representative in 1671, 1673, 1674 and 1677.  His wife was Susannah Norman. Susannah came to America with her father Capt. Richard Norman, settling in Cape Ann, Massachusetts in 1626. Some say she was born in born 1608. Robert Lockwood died on September 11, 1658. Gershom Lockwood (son of Robert) was born September 6, 1643 in Watertown, Massachusetts and died March 12, 1718 in Greenwich, Connecticut. His title was Lieutenant. His wife is not known.  Gershom Lockwood was a slave owner. His occupation was carpenter and builder.This is his headstone at the Tomac Cemetery:

Headstone, Gershom Lockwood, Tomac Cemetery

Gershom Lockwood Jr. (son of Gershom) was born about 1669 in Greenwich. For some reason information on him is very sketchy.  Gershom Lockwood (son of Gershom Jr.) was born in 1708 in Greenwich and died February 9, 1796. His wife was Mary Ferris (1707-February 9, 1796).  Mary Lockwood (daughter of Gershom) was born in 1732 and died in 1807. She married James Ferris (1735- August 6, 1812) a direct descendent of Jeffrey Ferris the founder of Greenwich.  Hannah Ferris, their daughter, married John Wood Palmer (my Great x 5 Grandfather) The Lockwoods were early members of the first Congregational Church, and most are buried in the Tomac Cemetery.