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The Ferris Family of Greenwich, CT
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Jeffrey Ferris was born 1n 1610 in Leicestershire, England.  Much has been written about him and his descendents.  

Jeffrey Ferris 1610-May 31 1666. Died Greenwich Connecticut

James Ferris 1643 to November 6, 1726

James Ferris December 18 1699 to August 1739

James Ferris 1735 to August 6, 1812. He married Mary Lockwood (1732-1807). Their daughter, Hannah Ferris (January 9 1759 to August 13, 1799) married John Wood Palmer. They were the parents of Oliver Palmer, my 4X Grandfather.


James Ferris was in the Revolutionary war and is buried at Tomac Cemetery.  This is his grave.



In 1895, my Great Great Grandfather, James Austin Hunt, married Ida Ferris, a Great X3 Granddaughter of James Ferris (1643-1726).


(See James Austin Hunt section)