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The Palmer Family- Ancestors of the Hunt Family


Henry Palmer was born in Parham, Somerset England in 1615. He immigrated to America to Watertown, Suffolk, Massachusetts in the 1620s. He married Katherine (last name not known) who died on April 7, 1650. Henry died November 29, 1661 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts. 

Their son Ephraim Palmer was born April 5th 1648 in Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut.  He moved to Greenwich Connecticut and became an early land owner there. He married Sarah Messenger, who was born about 1652 at Jamaica, Long Island, New York.  Ephraim died in 1684. He is probably buried in the Tomac Cemetery, which was Greenwich’s first cemetery. However the headstones from this time period are too worn to read. Here is an excerpt from early Greenwich records



He married Elizabeth Close (August
                                                                                          5 1684 to September 1, 1748).  
John Palmer lived till the age of 85, passing in
                           1767. He is also buried at Tomac.

Their son was Messenger Palmer, born in 1718. He married Hannah Ferris in 1738.  Hannah was a direct descendent of Jeffrey Ferris, a founder of Greenwich. She died in 1746. He died January 23 1792.

Grave of Messenger Palmer, Tomac Cemetery

Their son was John Wood Palmer, born on April 11, 1754.  He also married a Hannah Ferris! She was born January 9, 1759 and was the daughter of James Ferris and Mary Lockwood. The Lockwoods were also a founding family of Greenwich.  John Wood Palmer was a Captain in the Revolutionary War.

The graves of those who fought in the revolutionary war are still maintained and decorated with American flags to this day! Following are pictures of John Wood Palmers Grave.

John and Hannah were married on June 6, 1776. He died October 4, 1795 and she died August 13, 1799.